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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure & Thin clients

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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure & Thin clients

How do we define modern collaboration? For many business owners, getting work done in the office often involves employees who are located outside of it. Remote engagement is one of the most dynamic and exciting features of the digital-first era we find ourselves in. Using virtual desktop infrastructure, employees who are either temporarily or permanently located remotely can engage with in-office content just as if they were sitting at a desk onsite. These capabilities are perfectly designed for business owners who are serious about harnessing the maximum potential of each of their employees while simultaneously remaining sensitive towards information security and IT infrastructure. Using thin clients, business leaders can completely monitor and control access in work environments for employees logging into servers via a virtual desktop. With both virtual desktops and thin clients, business owners have powerful tools for improving efficiency, monitoring security and keeping their business on track every step of the way.

A Desktop Tool for the Modern Era

Virtual desktops are fundamentally designed to provide business owners with the ability to create dedicated workspaces for their employees which feature all pertinent information they need to excel. A virtual desktop can be accessed both onsite at an office via a thin client, or remotely using any standard computer. Virtual desktops help solve a series of perpetual challenges that business owners have faced for years, including A.) the ability to keep employees engaged who may have to work remotely and B.) to monitor the flow of content so as to ensure that sensitive information does not leave its dedicated server space.

Thanks to a streamlined, intuitive design, virtual desktops and thin clients do not create a significant burden for servers hosting them, nor do they require intensive setup time. Particularly when it comes to BYOD policies, business owners have long struggled with how to ensure optimal content flow across a broad array of devices. Virtual desktops and thin clients solves this problem with ease.

Collaborative Solutions for all Industries

The most important benefit offered by virtual desktops and in-office thin clients could easily be the extreme ease of use and ease of access these tools provide. There has never before in the history of IT infrastructure been a hardware solution which so effortlessly pairs with in-office servers while simultaneously empowering employees to create and exploit synergies with their colleagues. Virtual desktops have transformed the ways in which businesses leverage the particular talents of their employees.

With thin clients, business owners can invest in a simple, no-nonsense access portal which requires little maintenance and upkeep, dramatically reducing overhead when compared to other endpoint solutions. Likewise, thin clients virtually eliminate the threat of virus infection or malware, as they do not allow for external data to enter the virtual desktop. These two tools have been designed with progress and protection in mind. There is little that cannot be accomplished when business owners merge the functionality of these virtual desktops and thin clients.

Meet Our Partners

We are proud to partner with Dell, Lenovo and VMWare among other businesses, during our pursuit of excellence for our clients. These industry leaders help us deepen our commitment to our clients and provide superior service across a broad array of IT related tasks.


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