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Virtualization is one of the most powerful resources available within the world of IT infrastructure. A well executed server virtualization strategy can more efficiently utilize available hardware resources, providing business owners with additional flexibility and agency in their own operations. Over the past ten years, the technology driving server virtualization has advanced tremendously to the point that it is now possible to dramatically consolidate the footprint of an existing data center and save tremendously on operating costs over time. Virtualization is one of several valuable services we offer each and every one of our clients. Businesses which have adopted this technology have significantly improved their own response rate to many of the challenges facing tech-driven enterprises today. Business leaders who are serious about improving their own technical infrastructure while simultaneously leveraging the immense benefits of state of the art IT technology should seriously consider server virtualization.

Preparing for the Unexpected

At its core, virtualization is an effective method for developing time-saving and powerful responses to some of the most common IT challenges today. For example, server virtualization streamlines and optimizes some of the most cumbersome tasks which IT departments devote considerable time and effort to, such as server migration, cloud data transfer, software maintenance and disaster recovery.

In the event of a catastrophic hardware failure, a virtual server can quickly be deployed on any available hardware rather than having to wait for a matching hardware server to arrive. Simply put, virtual servers provide a comprehensive, stand-alone utility which can, in times of crisis, keep a business operational instead of succumbing to hardware failure.

Virtual servers all but eliminate the issue of software compatibility, which has proven itself to be a severe issue for hardware server operators in the past. By isolating individual applications with the virtual server, there is likely no possibility that annoying and potential hazardous software malfunctions will occur.

Powerful Performance and Priceless Benefits

With virtualization, businesses can enjoy significantly faster server provisioning. Also, virtualization allows for rapid cloning and deployment of new virtual servers, helping to ensure that scalability and systems integrity are never compromised. Perhaps most importantly, virtualization helps ramp up reliability and all but eliminate the possibility of unplanned server outages.

If anything, virtualization can be considered an easy-to-implement, highly reliable ‘anchor’ which can reinforce pre-existing operations and help ensure that a business can continue to operate at full capacity, regardless of whatever challenges may present themselves that day. Finally, virtualization offers tremendous cost savings to business owners in the form of reduced investment in hardware, a reduced energy bill due to consolidated data centers, and a significantly diminished investment in routine maintenance.

Virtualization is a key step in your journey towards using the Cloud as a viable infrastructure option for your IT.

An Acclaimed, Industry-Leading Team

We are thrilled to collaborate and partner with some of the world’s leading virtualization service providers like VMware and Microsoft. Our prestigious list of partners is a symbol of our commitment to provide the best possible service for our clients.


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