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Traditional Data Center

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To Build or To Host?

Traditional Data Center

We at COMPASS help you decide based on your as-is state and your to-be state, whether building your own datacenter or hosting your IT infrastructure on the Cloud or with a Managed Service Provider or a combination of the three options makes the best business sense.

Building your own Datacenter

Data centers provide business owners with a powerful method for storing, sharing and protecting valuable information within their company. In today’s digital-first economy, an unprecedented volume of information is being exchanged back and forth between company employees and collaborators. Data centers offer a highly secure, efficient method for backing-up sensitive data while simultaneously ensuring that any important content can be retrieved at a moment’s notice. Additionally, data centers help business owners avoid any time delays as they scale their operations. Instead of being forced to upgrade all existing hardware each time your business grows, a data center provides more than enough resources to facilitate rapid expansions and deployments.

Overcoming the Challenges of Modern Data Sharing

Whether it’s hacked email servers, hardware failures or a lack of available resources to properly backup and store information, today’s business leaders are confronted with a wide array of serious threats which could easily undermine their logistics and infrastructure. Particularly when it comes to internet security, business owners must be able to rely on a system which offers comprehensive defense against any of the countless viruses, bugs or malware capable of severely disrupting their operations. Even with cloud storage systems, it is possible for data to be stolen by hackers or lost during an unplanned server outage. Fortunately, data centers offer a convenient and powerful solution for these problems.

An Industry-Leading Solution for Businesses of All Sizes

Irrespective of the size of your business or your prior experience with data management and IT infrastructure, data centers can provide immense benefits. We assist our clients at each step of the process, beginning with an initial discussion where we outline benefits of data centers and how they can specifically help their business. From here, we oversee each step of the installation process, ensuring that all the IT equipment needed, including structured cabling, network racks, cooling systems, etc., are properly installed and accounted for.

Our highly skilled team of IT professionals will be available as needed to assist with regular maintenance and oversight, helping to ensure that your data center continues to perform at peak efficiency. Once you have made the decision to invest in a data center, we will ensure that you have all the information you need to give you the confidence that you can focus on your core business without having to worry about your datacenter operations. Continuity is key in today’s economy, and our data centers will ensure that your business is ready to spring forward when the moment calls.

Powerful Benefits and Cost-Saving Solutions

After investing in a data center, our clients immediately begin to reap the benefits of this powerful technology. Data center provide a new level of flexibility and agility for business owners, empowering them to deploy new strategies and share valuable content with unprecedented ease. Likewise, onsite data centers can dramatically reduce monthly expenses associated with cloud hosting and network security. Ultimately, a data center can offer a variety of attractive perks for business owners. Thanks to powerful innovations taking place in IT technology today, there has never been a better time to invest in a data center. Contact us today to learn more about how quickly a data center can begin improving your operations.

Strengths Always Comes In Numbers

We are thrilled to have partnered with industry-leading enterprises, including Cisco, HPE, Rittal and Check Point in our quest to provide outstanding IT infrastructure for business owners.


COMPASS delivers you the right solution for you and your business.