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Open Source and Standards

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Managed Services

The popularity of open source utilities has reached an all-time high. Our commitment to open source software is due in large part to the deep functionality and accessibility of these products. In many situations, it is not uncommon for open source products to equal or exceed the functionality of equivalent software released in the commercial market. We provide services entirely developed around open source software for businesses seeking an affordable alternative. These include a collection of database solutions, internet and web server solutions, Linux services, networking monitoring and security services, as well as mailing solutions.

Powerful Collaboration, the Open Source Way

Whatever your specific needs may be, there likely exists an open source tool that can match it. In the most critical area of IT infrastructure, such as network security, open source services such as Open VPN and the Dansguarian Web Content Filter offer uncompromising performance. NESSUS offers users premium network vulnerability audits and can be used to great benefit in situations where IT networks are being established for the first time or have not undergone regular maintenance.

Open source Linux virtualization services can be used to rapidly create and deploy new workstations for employees either onsite or remotely. Such tools provide excellent opportunities for business scaling and development, particular in operations where budget efficiency is an absolute must. Apache Tomcat, an open source web server solution, can deliver a significant logistical boost for interested business owners, while MySQL and PostGreSQL deliver outstanding web databasing services at no cost to users.

Moving Forward with Open Source Software

Whether this is your first time using Open Source software or one of several experiences you have had integrating these products into your workflow, we guarantee that they will become a core component of your daily operations. Although open source is often associated with leaner professional organizations, enterprise-level businesses around the world also rely on Open Source software for a myriad of tasks and applications. If you are interested in learning more about the ways in which open source software can be deployed within your infrastructure, contact us today. Our team of IT professionals can provide you with additional information regarding these products and can describe in more details the various services we offer which can integrate these software packages. There truly has never been a better time to explore open source software within your professional workplace. We look forward to hearing from you.

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