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Hybrid Cloud and SDDC

COMPASS consulting, professional, managed and education services promises to add value to your business by providing strategy, architecture, implementation and integration services to help plan, build, improve and innovate your IT and business solutions.

Consulting Services

We offer services around creation of requests for proposals for turnkey projects or strategic IT initiatives of organisations restricted to the IT infrastructure domain (excluding the application and database layers). We also provide services around charting out the IT roadmap for the organisation over a three to seven year horizon, cutting across areas like new investments as well as optimisation and better utilisation of existing IT assets..

Professional Services

In an era when business owners have an unprecedented level of access to technology and tech-based services, it can sometimes be difficult to remain fully informed on the capabilities of the hardware and software being deployed within their enterprise. We provide our clients with a wide range of technology and consulting services, ranging from server related issues, such as migration planning and virtualization, to other aspects of modern IT, including IT security and hosting / cloud services.

Managed Services

When you are running a business, it becomes even more difficult to find the time needed to oversee IT Services, which may not be seen as core to your business. In situations where organisations are unable to hire a full IT support team for onsite or remote maintenance and managed services, COMPASS can be your one stop shop catering to all your IT Managed Services needs.

Subscription and Renewal Services

We help our customers keep a track of the software that they have procured through us on a subscription basis as well as renew the licences so that they are able to get the last versions, patches and upgrades as well as continued support from the OEMs, not just protecting, but also enhancing the return on the investments they have made.

Multi Vendor Services

We become the single point of contact for all your interactions related to renewing annual maintenance contracts, software licences as well as subscription services as well as addressing all your service related issues with multiple OEMs within the validity of these contracts.

COMPASS delivers you the right solution for you and your business.